Missing Dog No More: Remi Is On The Mend

By on January 22, 2018

missing dog remi

Remi, before she went on her adventure.

For more than a week, the story gripped Verona’s animal lovers: A dog had gone missing, and everyone wanted to find her.

Readers posted sightings of Remi on Fairview Avenue and in the new Grove Avenue park. They saw Remi in Verona Park and in Eagle Rock Reservation, where she was finally coaxed out of wandering.

Remi’s owner, Joseph Marasco, says she is now in the process of healing. “Her paws are warn down,” he wrote us over the weekend. “Both the ends of her ears are infected with cuts. Her right paw has a gash. She lost three pounds since she has been gone. She has survived the frigid temperatures of below zero on her own. No food, and little rest.”

Marasco is grateful to the community for its help in bringing Remi home. “When she first saw me, she did the doggy wiggle shake,” he said, “then jumped up on me for a hug and kisses. I always give Remi love affection, warmth, and lots of kisses.”

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