Veronans We Lost, 2017

By on December 29, 2017

2017 saw the passing of former firefighters, teachers and Verona High School classmates. Some were near centenarians, and others were gone much, much too soon.

Take a moment to remember the lives of the Veronans who passed away in 2017:

Joseph A. Aloia Jr., 77
Dennis Amadeo, 59
Louis S. Belanger Jr., 84
Ann C. Belli, 99
John J. Blue, 64
Robert H. Boeck, 80
Virginia R. Boeck, 83
August ‘Gus’ Branco, 83
Dr. Elio Alba Buffill, 87
Hamilton C. Carson, 89
Thomas J. Ciccone Sr., ‘Semper Fi’
Daniel C. Cooney, Beloved Son, Brother, Friend And Baseball Player
Mildred V. Couture, 90
Steven P. Craig, 54
George S. Devlin, 76
Thomas P. Dillon, 60
Doris T. Dolan, 91
Janet O’Leary Drasco, 68
James Schieferly Egan, VHS ’58
Carol Sue Castillo Emmons, VHS ’52
Robert Perry Foster Jr., 93
Dolores Franciosi, 82
Wilma P. Freeman, 90
Lillian Grissing, 98
Nancy Mahon Hart, 85
Michael T. Hayes, 31
Julie Mau Kennedy, Former Verona Resident
Dunbar SG King, 94
Elena M. Kish, 54
Stewart Louis Klabenesh, “Butch”
Arthur Kleinberg: Social Worker, Veteran & Lifelong Learner
Richard Kleissler, Former VHS Teacher And Guidance Director
Gerald Knapp, 53
Richard C. Kuzsma Sr., 69
Patricia A. LoManto, 82
Nicola Manna, 77
John C. McMurtrie, Avid Fireman & Fisherman
Elizabeth L. Miller, 67
Mary C. Miller, 85
Mary Mullarkey, 63
Carolyn Newell, 89
James E. Perkins Jr., F.N. Brown Crossing Guard
Bernat John Pivavarnik, 85
Jasper L. Powell, 85
Marie L. Rachel, 93
Angelo Ramon, 72
Marcella A. Raymond, 84
Evelyn S. Reto, 87
Hortense “Perrie” Robinson, 91
Robert W. Rodgers, 83
Ida Ruggiero, 95
Karl Saks, 68
Michele S. Scalera, Loved Her Family
Anton Schuberthan, VHS Class Of ’99
Shirley Ann Stivala, Loving Mother & Grandmother
Lisa G. Taylor, 55
Michael Domenic Tucci, Owned Verona Barbershop
Megan Villanella
Dolores C. Vitale, 90

And take a moment to re-read all of’s top stories for 2017.

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