Lions Offer Free Eye Screening, 50/50 At Fair In The Square

By on December 1, 2017
Verona Lions

The Verona Lions donated a vehicle to the township that is used to transport residents to doctor’s appointments.

The Verona Lions are continuing their participation at Fair in the Square this Saturday, December 2. Stop by and get a free eye screening. The Lions are a long-standing contributor to the Verona Fair in the Square. The club schedules the mobile Eye Screening unit to be in Verona each year to provide this screening service.

The Verona Lions provide a variety of volunteer services to the residents of Verona since 1951. Here are some of the many services they provide:

  • The Lions maintain a Hospital loan closet containing wheelchairs, walkers, canes and hospital beds for needy residents. The equipment is purchased and loaned to residents and delivered by members free of charge.
  • The Verona Lions donated a vehicle to the Township of Verona that is used to transport residents to doctor’s appointments.
  • The Lions donate over $3,000 in food gift cards each year during the holidays to needy residents.
  • The Lions award over $4,500 to Verona graduating students each year for services awards.
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These services are provided thru the generous donations of residents. Please support us by purchasing a Super 50/50 raffle ticket while you are at Fair in the Square!

There will be up to 1,700 tickets to be sold. The awards will be 40% to the first prize winner and 10% for second prize. “All proceeds from the fundraiser go to back to Verona residents through the programs run by the Lions,” said Bill Abele, president of the Verona Lions. This year’s drawing will take place on December 5.

Tickets are $10.

If you wish to purchase a raffle ticket email Andrew Burger at [email protected] or call 973-980-2225.

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