Essex County Confirms Freschi BOE Win

By on November 15, 2017

Essex County election officials confirmed today that Lisa Freschi won re-election to the Verona Board of Education last Tuesday.

According to a review of provisional ballots, Freschi received a total of 1,710 votes to 1,699 for challenger Connor McCann. Freschi had 10 provisional ballots confirmed, to nine for McCann. A provisional ballot is one that was cast but not counted until election officials could confirm that the voter was properly registered for the election. The unofficial results issued last week had had Freschi ahead by just 10 votes.

In the election, Freschi won district 1, which comprises the two Claridge House towers, as well as her home Forest Avenue districts 5 and 6. District 5 had the highest turnout of any Verona district, with 47.6% of the eligible voters voting. Freschi also won district 3, which votes at the middle school. She also won among absentee ballots, by 114 votes to McCann’s 88. Anyone can now vote by absentee ballot for any reason in New Jersey, even if they are not out of the area on election day. 

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