September 2017 VHS Students Of The Month

By on October 23, 2017

September 2017 students of the month (l-r): Tawana Brown, Maggie Kousoulou, Ryan McKeown and Jordan Warner.

Verona High School recognized its September 2017 students of the month at the October 10 meeting of the Board of Education.  The September 2017 students were Tawana Brown, grade 9; Jordan Warner, grade 10; Ryan McKeown, grade 11; and Maggie Kousoulou, grade 12.

In presenting the awards, VHS Vice Principal Thomas Lancaster said that Tawana Brown had had a great first month of high school. Her classes include Honors English I, Honors World History, Honors Biology, Financial Literacy, Spanish I, Physical Education, and Algebra I, and she had perfect attendance for the month of September.  “Tawana consistently demonstrates initiative and responsibility, two of our core values,” Lancaster said. He noted that Paula Ramos Santiago, the VHS biology teacher who nominated Brown, said that she very hard. “She volunteers consistently in class and works extremely well with others,” Ramos Santiago said. “A true example of what we want in all of our students.”

Sophomore Jordan Warner’s classes include English II, U.S. History I, Honors Chemistry, Spanish II, Driver’s Education, Honors Geometry, Drawing, Painting, & Collage, and Choir. Lancaster said that Warner “arrives to school promptly each day, prepared for success,” and that she “consistently demonstrates diligence and respect, two of our core values.” Warner was nominated by VHS art teacher Terry Sherman, who said, “Jordan has displayed leadership qualities in helping me set up the Verona Chapter of the National Art Honor Society this year. She is totally reliable, responsible, displays good judgement, is generous with her time, enthusiastic, and knows how and when to take the initiative.”

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Junior Ryan McKeown’s classes includes AP English, AP U.S. History, Honors Physics, Honors Chemistry, Spanish IV Honors, Physical Education, Honors Pre-Calculus, Band, and Chamber Choir. Lancaster said that, in nominating McKeown, his English teacher Dr. Marie Meyer said, “Ryan is genial and insightful. He is a leader in class discussions and makes every class more pleasant.” McKeown had perfect attendance for the month of September, and Lancaster added that “he consistently demonstrates collaboration and responsibility, two of our core values.”

Senior Maggie Kousoulou takes English IV, Journalism II, AP Psychology, AP Biology, Physical Education, AP French, and AP Calculus. She was nominated by math and computer science teacher Rich Wertz, who noted in the nomination that, “It has been a pleasure to have Maggie Kousoulou as an AP Calculus BC student this year. Maggie has been a model student. She completes her homework and classwork diligently, asks thought provoking questions during class discussions, and exhibits an uncommon enthusiasm for learning. As she has progressed from her freshman year to her senior year, she has challenged herself at each turn in her academic path. She serves as an exemplary role model for the young men and women who aspire to follow in her footsteps.” Lancaster added that Kousoulou, who arrives to school promptly each day, prepared for success, consistently demonstrates the VHS values of diligence and responsibility.

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VHS Principal Joshua Cogdill began the student of the month award with the 2015-2016 school year. Students are selected from nominations made by VHS teachers.

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