Honor Roll: Grade 7, 3rd Marking Period 2016-2017

By on May 11, 2017

Yvette McNeal and David Galbierczyk, principals of H.B. Whitehorne Middle School, are proud to announce the names of those seventh grade students who have earned academic recognition during the third marking period of this school year 2016-2017.

These students have qualified for the honors award by attaining all “A” and “B” grades during the second marking period for the 2016-2017 school year.

Sofia Albanese, Michael Andolino, Rose Arias, Milo Attal, Amelia Axelrod, Evan Bannon, Aidan Bermeo, Derek Bernardino, Joshua Boyle, Sean Buoye

Kelley Caffrey, Michael Caggiano, Alyssa Casalino, Abigail Cleary, Anthony Collucci, Julian Colon, Dylan Conway, Tyler Coppola, Jasmine Cuartas-Ruiz, Christian Cunningham

Jessica Day, Nathalie De Leon, Matteo DeVito, Scott Duffy, Ashley Duhaney, Hamza El-Hawwat, Sabrina Farro, Stefano Farro, Liliana Freire Pires, Viviana Freire Pires, Julianne French

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Jamie Gabriel, William Giarrusso, Charles Giordano, Aimee Griffin, Angelina Guarducci, James Haveron, David Held, Anders Heyniger, Emma Hogan, Lucy Hogan

Nicholas Jacobsen, Giselle Jandoli, Arian Jasaraj, Alexandre Jean, Ava Keating, Michael Kosulin, Alyssa Lipesky, Jacquelyn Loudon

Ben Mackey, Kayla Martino, Ella Mathewson, Kamdyn Matthews, Ryan McMahon, Gianna Mecca, Aidan Millar, Ella Moore, Gianna Napoli, James Ortiz, Alyssa Pichardo, Peter Popowich, Sophia Pruneau

Ethan Randall, Lindsey Rawding, Tanner Reed, Connor Robinson, Thomas Sabo, Henry Sampers, Shalena Seepaul, Emma Sheehan, Stella Shepard, David Sidrak, Nicholas Socci, Emily Strlekar, Madison Suk

Lauren Tracey, Emma Triggiano, Michael Vaccaro, Emily Vallone, Dianne Valverde, Daniel Vecchio, Allyson Volpe, Emma Zalewski, Cael Zebrowski, Giovanni Zerbini, Christopher Zysk

The names of some students who qualified for the honor roll do not appear on this list because their parents have elected not to release personal information to the media.

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