Letter: Daughter Supports Mom’s Candidacy

By on May 8, 2017

emailTo The Editor,

I’d like to offer some insight on the coming Verona election. I really care about Verona and I am proud of my hometown. Verona is one of the best places to live in New Jersey for so many reasons and my Mom, Donna Cannizzaro, wants to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy all that Verona has to offer, and more, and that’s why she is running for Verona Township council.

My Mom lived in five different neighborhoods in Verona. Our roots go back five generations. My grandfather, Bob McNinch, served Verona as a police officer for years. Through her lessons learned from past generations to raising me into adulthood, she has a natural understanding the culture and concerns of Verona residents.

My Mom taught me to live by high standards that she had set for herself and me. She’s taught me to be strong in my principles; take heart in those who do not have a voice, and to always listen while taking away a lesson from every situation. She doesn’t accept the status quo and always looking to make our lives a little bit better. She was inspirational in my education and helped me to navigate my way through the Verona School System, and my decision to pursue a double major at Lafayette College where I graduated Cum Laude with honors, and finally to earn my Masters to which propelled me into an exciting career as Managing Editor of a quarterly publication at Gagosian Gallery in New York.

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My Mom is self-made and started her career in the pharmaceutical industry 40 years ago and rose through the ranks in administration into highly visible leadership roles and rewarded professionally and personally for her hard work, intelligence and determination.

I believe that my Mom is exactly what we need in Town hall right now. She is someone who knows the entire town inside and out and someone who has benefited from what Verona offers to everyone. She has fresh ideas to improve our quality of life and wants to begin giving back to continue to make Verona a special place for new families and their future generations.

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I hope everyone will cast one of your votes to the candidate who knows Verona as well as anyone, my Mom, Donna McNinch Cannizzaro.

Thank you,
Shannon Cannizzaro

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