Letter: Support Ryan, McEvoy

By on March 28, 2017

mailbox2Dear Editor,

I am really happy that we live in Verona. It is hard to believe that for the past two years, since the last town council election, I haven’t had to stand up at council meetings to challenge misguided financial decisions. Since that election the town council majority changed and we have a new town manager and chief financial officer. Mayor Ryan, Deputy Mayor Nochimson and Councilman Roman have effected many economic changes and saved the taxpayers many hundreds of thousands of dollars. I hope all residents are aware of that fact.

They’ve held our municipal tax rate flat for three years. In addition they have increased our recycling services, addressed excessive overtime, lowered our work force without layoffs, added recreational programs and have not reduced any services to our residents.

We have a new council election coming on May 9th. I want to say that Kevin Ryan will continue to be an asset to Verona. You should see him in action as he explains the issues on VTV if you do not attend the council meetings. In addition, I believe Jack McEvoy will be a valuable member of the council as he regularly attends council meetings and fully supports the savings that have occurred. He also attends planning board meetings and serves the township in numerous ways.

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My wife Anita and I gladly support Mayor Kevin Ryan and Jack McEvoy in this upcoming election on May 9th. Please do your part by voting for them.
Al De Old
15 Howard St

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