Honor Roll: Grade 9, 2nd Marking Period 2016-2017

By on March 7, 2017

MAROONHonorRollJoshua Cogdill, principal of Verona High School, has announced the names of the ninth-grade students who have achieved honor roll recognition during the second marking period of the 2016-2017 school year.

These students have qualified for the honors award by attaining all “A” and “B” grades:

Madeline Bello, Abigail Bermeo, Stephanie Boyle, Mikayla Bush, Aidan Callari, Brianna Camp, Andrew Castillo, Alejandro Celi, Joseph Ciccolini, Simone Conforti, Renata Curcio,

Jenna Da Rin, Colleen Dennis, Alyssa Deo, Jayson Despecci, Richard DiGeronimo, Jacob Duffy, Kiera Egan, Monica Egnezzo, Owen Fogarty, Wyatt Fortgang, Austin Frank, Alexa Friedman, Clara Frizzi,

Jenna Gabbe, Will Gaccione, Kylee Gallagher, Caroline Gault, Antonio Giannini, Maggie Gorman, Chelsea Gruskin, Maximilian Handler, Patrick Hogan, Vincent Hogan, Jaime Hoimark,

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Griffin Jordan, Rebecca Katsios, Anna Konrad-Parisi, Nicolas Kozachuk, Maegan Kuhlmann, Shane Lawless, Sloan Lawless, Madeline Leonard, John Lermi, Priya Limbachiya, Steven Luehs,

Steven Macawili, Nina Machnowski, Morgan Michelson, Gabriella Montagna, Thomas Mulligan, Aidan Murphy, Kathleen Nagy, Nicholas Napoli, Jeanette Nguyen,

Leah Pandian, Liam Patel, Gabriella Petti, Alyssa Raimondi, Caitlin Remler, Zachary Rienecker, Jenna Romano, Thomas Romano, Michael Ruggiero,

Rachel Seubert, Sara Sexton, Jhil Sharma, Abigail Shorter, Rebecca Siclari, Michael Sluck, Jeremiah Strippoli, Edward Strong, Catherine Swanstrom,

Arianna Tietjen, Mikhail Tizhgarten, Andrew Tracy, Ethan Triggiano, Olivia Vogel, Jessica Waldron, Kelly Waterman, Rebecca Wenzel-Rideout, Carolyn Wynd, Patrick Yeates

The names of some students who qualified for the honor roll do not appear on this list because their parents have elected not to release personal information to the media.

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