Pack 32 Rolls With Pinewood Derby

By on January 30, 2017
Pack 32 Pinewood Derby

Pack 32 Pinewood Derby Champions (l-r)
1st place: Anthony Lewis, 2nd place: Benjamin Herman, 3rd place: Elliot Ziebert

Verona Cub Scout Pack 32 congratulates all Pack 32 scouts on the successful running of their annual Pinewood Derby. The Pack leaders also wish to express special thanks to the volunteer efforts of Verona Boy Scout Troop 2 for the handling of race logistics, and to the Pack 32 parents who helped organize the event. For more information on Pack 32, please visit

Pack 32 Pinewood Derby

Pack 32 Cub Scouts cheer for their cars as they cross the finish line.

The winners are:

1st place Overall: Anthony Lewis
2nd place Overall: Benjamin Herman
3rd place Overall: Elliot Ziebert

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1st place Arrow of Light: Anthony Lewis
2nd place Arrow of Light: Elliot Ziebert
3rd place Arrow of Light: Luca Tedesco

Pack 32 Pinewood Derby

A photo finish at the Pack 32 Pinewood Derby.

1st place WEBELOS: Owen Chanana
2nd place WEBELOS: Yianni Yanniotis
3rd place WEBELOS: Michael Compierchio

1st place Bear: James Waugh
2nd place Bear: J.T. Vacca
3rd place Bear: Dylan Bratek

Pack 32 Pinewood Derby

Cub Scout Jack Riedy proudly displays his X-wing fighter inspired car, for which he won the “Most Creative Design” award.

1st place Wolf: Benjamin Herman
2nd place Wolf: Oliver Ziebert
3rd place Wolf: Tyler Casella

1st place Tiger: Jack Tevlin
2nd place Tiger: Jack Riedy
3rd place Tiger: Ethan Hayes

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Most Creative Design: Jack Riedy
Most Patriotic Design: Jack Fouts
Best Display of Scout Spirit: Luca Tedesco

Pack 32 Pinewood Derby

The winner for “Most Creative Design” was determined by the scouts’ sisters. It was a unanimous decision.

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