Evan Yee Gets Award For Film Work

By on July 13, 2016
Austin Yee, accepting his Evvy

Austin Yee, accepting his Evvy

Evan Yee graduated Verona High School with the class of 2012 and headed to Emerson College to pursue film studies. In January 2015, MyVeronaNJ reported that he had launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a short film for his senior project. Those of you who contributed to that movie or are just following him may have been wondering whatever happened to that movie, Buying Bouquets. We are happy to report that it has won an award.

On May 6, the Yee family attended their first red carpet award event, the 35th Annual Evvy Awards, a student-run award ceremony specifically for student films. Buying Bouquets, a romantic comedy, was nominated in two categories, Outstanding Editing for Narrative and Outstanding Cinematic Achievement.

Yee won the Outstanding Cinematic Achievement, which Emerson students say is the best category to win. You can watch the big moment and Yee’s acceptance speech below at the 2:24:10 mark:

The next day, Yee graduated cum laude from Emerson with a bachelor of Fine Arts in Film. (Buying Bouquets is not publicly available for viewing yet.)

After graduation, Yee headed west and is now living near Hollywood, where he is working on various projects. As they say in show business, to be continued ….

The very proud Yee family: Austin, Emma, and mom, Mei Mee (Dad behind the camera)

The very proud Yee family: mom Mei Mei, brother Austin, sister Emma, and the film maker (dad is behind the camera).

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