Surveillance Camera Helps Police Nab Burglary Suspect

By on May 25, 2016

Marc Alverson was arrested by the Verona Police Department in conjunction with an attempted burglary on Pompton Avenue.

Marc Alverson was arrested by the Verona Police Department in conjunction with an attempted burglary on Pompton Avenue.

Verona Police quickly arrested a suspect in the attempted burglary of a Pompton Avenue business last week after the man’s actions were captured on surveillance camera footage.

According to the Verona Police Department, on Wednesday, May 18, at about 8:30 a.m., Officer Brendan Huber responded to a Pompton Avenue business on a reported attempted burglary. Detective Sgt. Timothy Banta was also called to the scene, and when the officers reviewed the business’ video surveillance system, they found that the entire incident had been captured on camera. The VPD said in a statement yesterday that the suspect could be seen picking up a piece of concrete and throwing it through the front door. One pane of glass remained intact, however, so the suspect gave up his attempt to enter the building and fled the area.

The VPD gave photos from the video to each member of the force. Officer Jordan Descafano, who joined the VPD late last year, recognized the suspect from previous incidents and notified Banta. The police reviewed video at three other local businesses and were able to arrest 27-year-old Marc Alverson of Verona. Alverson was charged with criminal attempt burglary and criminal mischief. After processing, he was released on his own recognizance.

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“This is the third commercial burglary on Pompton Avenue this year,” the VPD said in a statement. “Each burglary was solved and the actor arrested with the help of video surveillance. The VPD encourages every business to protect their investment and install cameras. If they do have a camera, we encourage them to register it with our department.”

The Verona Police Department began a voluntary security camera registration program last October to help with criminal investigations. The VPD asked residents and businesses to simply notify them of a camera’s location so that, if a crime occurred in that area, the VPD could contact the closest camera owners and ask for permission to view their footage. The VPD cannot access cameras remotely. You can download the video camera registration form here.

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