Civil War-Era Victorian Reduced to Rubble

By on April 29, 2015

20MountainviewDemolition1It stood in the middle of the Brookdale side of town for more than 140 years, but yesterday, the Victorian at 20 Mountainview Road breathed its last. In a matter of hours, the home, which was built just after the Civil War, was reduced to rubble.20MountainviewDemolition3

The home was one of several built in the Brookdale area by Capt. Hiram Cook, the person who later donated the land for what is now Verona Park. One of those homes, at 14 Manor Road, was successfully restored by Verona realtor Lenny Shriber in 2012.20MountainviewDemolition2

That was not to be for 20 Mountainview. While Verona has a Landmarks Preservation Commission, it does not forcibly landmark private property, which might have saved the structure. In February, the Verona Board of Adjustment approved plans for a new home on the site.20MountainviewDemolition4
Top 3 photos copyright Martin Golan. Used by permission.

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