New Year, New Advertising Options

By on January 13, 2015

advertisingHere at, we’re lucky enough to have had some very smart guys design our advertising system. It tracks not only how many times ads are shown to readers and how many times they are clicked on, but also how many times readers hover a mouse or a finger over the ads. Unlike a newspaper or magazine, we can run multiple ad images for our advertisers at the same time to test which one does the best job of getting a reader’s attention. Pretty cool stuff.

It just got a whole lot cooler. Our ad guys have rolled out a whole bunch of new options for advertisers.

Like the Flyout, which changes from a simple banner to something much larger.

Or Scratchy, which lets advertisers make a special offer to readers who interact with the ad.

Or Flipper. No, not the dolphin, but an ad that has a front side and a back, just like a postcard.

Advertisers can use Coupon to create an offer that can be printed or displayed right on a cell phone. That’s great because more than half of’s readers read us from their cell phones.

Advertisers who use YouTube can now show those ads on too. And advertisers who love to distribute flyers can now put them in even more hands with our new Click To Enlarge format.

One other thing that we’ve got: The biggest audience of people who want to know about Verona, an audience that grew 34% in 2014 over 2013. We’ve got readers who live here now, readers who used to live here (and still love the place) and readers who want to call Verona home. If your business wants to reach them, e-mail’s ad director, Linette Mathewson.

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