Ramsthaler Medals At XC Race

By on September 22, 2014

VHSStarteMaroon2014The Maroon Invitational is one of the toughest races on the fall schedule in northern New Jersey and Friday’s race was an uphill challenge for the Verona High School cross-country teams.

The Verona girls team finished 11 of 16 competitors, while the boys cross-country team finished 18 of 21. But Ryan Ramsthaler, a junior, earned a medal for finishing in the top 25, with a time of 18:09. The race, which takes place at Garret Mountain, overlooking Paterson, combines both Group 1 and Group 2 schools.

Madeline Burke had a time of 25:58.

Madeline Burke had a time of 25:58.

Here are the results for Verona’s runners, with their times and overall race finish:

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Maggie Ashley: 23:19 (55)
Amanda Flores: 23:20 (56)
Ava Anderson: 23:59 (66)
Emily Petermann: 24:07 (74)
Gabi Horton: 25:34 (102)
Tycjana Konopka: 25:57 (106)
Madeline Burke: 25:58 (108)

Ryan Ramsthaler: 18:09 (25)
Chris Feury: 19:19 (72)
Brad Smith: 19:22 (74)
Dino Calandra: 20:50 (123)
Sean Burke: 21:36 (131)
Larry Studwell: 21:44 (133)
Jake Parent: 21:54 (137)

Photos copyright Treesh Ramsthaler. Used by permission.

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