Big Parking Change At Laning

By on September 4, 2014

There's a new, long no parking zone on the Laning sign side of the street.

There’s a new, long no parking zone on the Laning sign side of the street.

The Town Council approved changes to the parking on several Verona streets at last night’s meeting, and if you are the parent of a child who attends Laning Avenue Elementary School, you’d best read on.

The Council resolution has made the entire frontage of the school on Lanning Road into a no parking zone. The curb was painted yellow today from the end of the backyard of the house at 70 Elmwood Road all the way down to the driveway of the house at the opposite corner, 33 Otsego. (The southern side of Lanning Road was not affected by the changes. No, we have no idea how the school become Laning Avenue when the street is called Lanning Road.)

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What this means is that there will be one or two legal spaces by the Elmwood house and another one or two by the Otsego house. Everything else on the north side is off limits. Police Chief Doug Huber stressed at last night’s Council meeting that drivers won’t be ticketed for stopping briefly to drop off or pick up children. But you’d best forget about pulling in at 2:15 p.m. and waiting for school to end. Or parking right in front of school for Laning’s Back to School night on Wednesday, September 10, or for any of the after-school or weekend activities in Laning’s gym. “If they are parked there for that long, that would be a problem,” Huber said.

The other additions to no-parking zones are the bends on Balston Drive, Whitney Terrace and Windemere Road, as well as the section of Bloomfield Avenue east bound that is just before the entrance to the 7-Eleven.

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