Chesney Seeks Community Support For Van Fund

By on August 13, 2014

The Chesney family

The Chesney family

Earlier this year, Scott Chesney asked for Verona’s support to help him win a handicap-accessible van in a national contest. Though friends and neighbors got Chesney more than 6,000 votes, it wasn’t enough to win. But Chesney, a life-long Veronan who was paralyzed at age 15, has taken the suggestion of one supporter to start a GoFundMe campaign, called “Wheels for Scott’s Wheels”.

The van costs $50,000, but Chesney has saved money for half the cost. Ever the deadline-driven guy, he gave himself 12 days to raise the remaining $25,000 through GoFundMe, which allows supporters to make donations via the Internet. All monies raised go to Chesney, and as of this morning, he was $5,045 closer to his goal thanks to 30 donations.

Here’s how he explained the need for a van to replace his car:

“…The process of driving for any person with a disability like mine is more complicated than for the average person. The process entails transferring to the car, disassembling the wheelchair, placing it beside me, and then reversing these actions upon arriving at my destination. While this routine has enabled me to drive myself to and from work and to take my kids to school, on family vacations, to doctor’s appointments, haircuts… even to drive my wife to the hospital twice when she went into labor — it has also caused significant wear and tear on my body.

This year, I turned 44 years old; I have lived life with a disability for nearly 29 years. Health issues have forced me to re-examine many things in my day-to-day activities, including my means of transportation. As a result, I must reduce the number of transfers that I do in and out of the car in order to protect my hands, arms, shoulders and back. The minivan would facilitate easier transfers due to a retractable lift. The vehicle is also spacious enough for me to relieve pressure to my bottom, which is extremely valuable since I spend most of my day in a seated position.”

Supporters can give whatever they like, and make donations anonymously or under their own name. For those who can donate $600 or more, Chesney is offering several sessions of his life coaching skills as a thank you. You can access the GoFundMe campaign here.

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