Letters: BOE Thanks Voters For Referendum Support

By on March 12, 2014

Thumbs-Up-GreenTo The Editor:

The Verona Board of Education would like to thank the citizens of our town for the overwhelming voter turnout and support for the school construction referendum. As our mission statement reads, we believe our schools are “the center of an engaged and supportive community”. Our community is the foundation that makes everything we accomplish possible.

We specifically thank the many residents, both parents and non-parents, and our staff, administrators and teachers – who worked together to communicate the objectives and merits of the projects across our community. Your tireless effort reinforces the sort of community we have in Verona and has been instrumental in making the referendum successful.

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Finally, we thank Mr. Forte for his relentless focus in building community support for the referendum. The countless meetings, public presentations, phone conferences, and many individual conversations with constituents are a testament to his commitment to the sucess of this effort.

(We add Glenn Elliott on this letter, given his enormous contribution to the Board, especially toward our Buildings & Grounds objectives.)

– John Quattrocchi
– Michael Unis
– Joseph Bellino
– James Day
– Steve Spardel
– Glenn Elliott

John Quattrocchi
Verona Board of Education

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  1. Michael Nochimson

    March 12, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    Congratulations to the Board of Education, Mr. Forte and the residents of Verona whose dedication to our community encouraged a strong voter turnout yesterday. The vote reinforced that the Education of our children and the quality of our schools are a top priority to our community. Compliments to the 26.4% of our residents for exercising their right to vote. Regardless of your position on this vote it is your activism and participation that strengthens Verona.
    Michael Nochimson

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