Letter: Taking Pride Again In Verona High School

By on February 4, 2014

VHS-Electronic-SignTo the editor:

Fifteen years ago I moved to this town and discovered a very disturbing quality about Verona. I noticed that Verona prided themselves on being a wonderful community all while being a separate community. I remember hearing about the Afterglow section, the Forest section, the Fairway, etc. I also noticed that this mentality boiled over into how we viewed our schools. I always heard about our schools and OUR FIELD. As a new resident I never understood this view until now.

When you’re in the grammar school, we as parents are so overwhelmed with the little wonders of our elementary children, I am equally as guilty. I never looked towards the future where others were speaking of the high school and the field. Who cares? So I thought.

I now realize that I too have fallen victim to the segregation yet unity of this town. I have watched this community argue, debate, and rally over something that should be so simple and united, our high school. You see, no matter where you come from, Lanning, Forest, Brookdale, or F.N. Brown, we as a community unite ultimately at the middle school and high school.

Now I’m not minimizing our middle school but it is high school that’s considered your legacy. Years from now our children will still be answering the good old question, “Where did you go to high school?” We all have memories of our high school days and how much of an impact they made on our future.

I remember applying to colleges and all applications wanted to know about my extra curricular activities. Colleges look for students not just based on their grades and SAT scores, but on the clubs, sports, and activities they were involved in. Well rounded individuals are what they are looking for. I recently passed my old high school and was so excited to point it out to my children who were clearly sick of having it pointed out to them; I guess I was so proud of it I pointed it out too often!

I understand we are debating how to pose this question to repair our school and field. I also know that the other night at the BOE meeting many wanted to have it as one question and it was finalized as such, but perhaps we should stop this segregation of the two and concentrate on the big picture. Whether or not you think one, or two questions on that ballot is the right way to word it, we can all agree that it just has to get done. I am equally as guilty of thinking my opinion is what is important when in fact the only issue I should deem important is how to get this passed and finished!

Our high school AND the field are one entity just as this community. Perhaps we took our separate yet united views and carried them right through to the way we see our facilities. We can all agree that our facilities are old, run down and in desperate need of repair, however the field that our football team, soccer team, lacrosse, baseball. Band, color guard and many other students use are also part of that high school. You cannot have a well-rounded student if you just fix one portion of the problem for success.

This is one town, one community, and one high school that our children will be part of. Let’s stop the separation of thought and give them the legacy they deserve to be proud of! Come on Verona, we are better than this!!! WE ARE VERONA, VERONA PRIDE!!!!

DinaMarie DeVivo

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