HBW Principal Warns On Traffic Tickets

By on January 29, 2014

School-Zone-SignYvette McNeal, the principal of H.B. Whitehorne Middle School, sent out two emails this morning about traffic problems at school drop off and pick up.

“It is imperative for the safety of our students and teachers that you do NOT use the parking lot behind the cafeteria (off of Gould) for drop off or pick up,” McNeal wrote. “This parking lot is for staff only and is clearly marked as such. We have had collisions and some of our students have been put in harm’s way.  Additionally, when you drop off or pick up from that parking lot, you delay traffic. ”

She also cautioned drivers on where they park to wait. “Please be advised that when you pick up your children up from the front or the Terry’s lot, you may not park in areas that are not parking spots.  Do not park along the back of the school.  Do not double park.  You create a danger to the students when you do not follow parking/pickup guidelines.  I have asked the Verona Police to assist after school and issue tickets to anyone who is parked illegally.”

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