Conan’s ‘Illegitimate Son’ From Verona?

By on January 13, 2014

Verona High School's Greg Keating, second from right, in 2010.

Verona High School’s Greg Keating, second from right, in 2010.

There’s a video burning up the Internet today, and it might put Verona fewer than six degrees of separation from Conan O’Brien.

A video has been posted to YouTube by a young man claiming to be the illegitimate son of the TV talk show host. The highly amusing tone would have been enough to catch our eye, but then there’s this: The young man says in the video that his name is Greg Keating. And that name has a very Verona ring to it.

Our Greg Keating graduated Verona High School with the class of 2011, and played in band and lacrosse. He had red hair, just like the Greg Keating in the video. And he had a killer sense of humor.

Could it be one and the same? attempted to reach out to our Greg Keating, but he hasn’t returned our texts. Until he does, we’ll leave you with the video love letter to Conan, and a tantalizing reminder of last year’s separated at birth story involving someone else from Verona.

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