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By on January 24, 2013

You love We can see it in our daily readership statistics and we appreciate it. We love how our readers seek us out–online and in person–to tell us how much you appreciate’s journalism. We love it when you send links to our stories to your friends. We love how much you click on the ads from our advertisers–and they love it to.

Now we’re asking for something more: Your direct financial support. Reader support will help us grow and make even more fabulous.

How much should your financial support be? We’ll leave that up to you. You might choose a penny for every one of the 4,604 stories we have written since we started, or $46.04. You might choose $1 for every week we’ve been in business, or $164. A little bit less? A little bit more? We won’t dictate terms, since only you know what means to you–and what your budget will bear.

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But if you can give us at least $24, we’ll give you a gift in return. We’ve collected many of the recipes that we have published over the last three years into a cookbook, and thrown in a few never-before-published recipes as the, well, icing on the cake. Support us with $24 for a year and we’ll gift you the e-book version of Cook It Verona. (Those are some of the great dishes above.) We’re collecting more subscriber-only deals as well, and you’ll be the first to hear about them.

Click on the button below to send in the payment of your choice via PayPal. It can take payments by credit card as well as direct PayPal transfers. We’ll send you a link to download our cookbook, which displays beautifully on your laptop, desktop or tablet computer.

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This isn’t a subscription to read the site. Our stories will still be free to read. It is a way for our readers to show that they value what does. We intend to find more benefits for our supporting readers over the year. Get in on all the benefits now!

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  1. Terry Moore

    April 7, 2014 at 12:45 pm

    The best.

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