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By on December 28, 2012


Letter to the Editor

The fall brought Sandy and the cold darkness that followed for days. Little by little the lights came back on and as they did we realized the holidays were upon us. However in Verona the lights seemed even brighter as Verona got busy helping their own.

As Thanksgiving approached residents helped their neighbors who were less fortunate. Families shopped and cooked for those who were homebound. Houses of worship prepared and delivered food to those in need. Food gift certificates donated were distributed to those who lost their food during the storm just in time for the holiday.

No sooner had Thanksgiving passed, when the preparation for the next holiday season was on the horizon. Without a word, once again Verona came together to help their less fortunate neighbors. Families adopted families (anonymously). The Junior Women’s Club trimmed trees with items children asked Santa to provide and local merchants displayed them. School organizations collected gifts and gift cards as part of their, “Holidays for Sharing”, for distribution. The PBA purchased and delivered trees. The Scouts provided gifts and a tree as well. The Lion’s Club and Unico donated gift cards. “Kids Who Care”, provided gifts for children too. Recipients of assistance in years past came back to help, remembering the kindness once extended to them and thus repaid the favor. Once again houses of worship lent a helping hand and private donors gave to the Children’s Fund to be used throughout the year. The employees at the Recreation Dept. assisted in the daunting task of sorting gifts and delivering packages when needed.

Yes Verona your light shines brightly in the eyes of those who were recipients of your kindness. Children smiled this holiday season and parents were so very grateful for your help. It was overwhelming to see.

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Ninety plus families were assisted this year which included over 154 children. A brighter holiday was made possible entirely by the helping hand and open hearts of people living in Verona. You were not asked, you called and volunteered. I am grateful too each and everyone who gave and who continue to give in one way or another throughout the year. Verona is truly a special place in which to live. Thank you Verona!

Connie Pifher
Health and Social Services

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