Obama Donations Top Romney In Verona

By on December 14, 2012

It turns out that Veronans didn’t only vote for President Barack Obama in greater numbers than they did for Gov. Mitt Romney: They donated more money to the president too.

According to an analysis by NJ Spotlight, a Web site that tracks government news, 288 Veronans donated a total of $23,302 to the president’s campaign, compared with $14,905 sent by 44 Verona residents to Romney headquarters. That makes an average Republican donation of $338.75 to $80.90 for the Democrats. You can see the whole NJ Spotlight map here. The map is searchable by zip code.

Obama narrowly edged out Romney among Verona voters in November, 3,373 votes to 3,322. The president’s victory elsewhere had help from Verona native Elan Kriegel, the son of Congregation Beth Ahm‘s Rabbi Aaron Kriegel and Sarah Kriegel, who was the battleground states analytics director for the Obama campaign.

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