Minette’s Angels Awards Scholarships

By on August 13, 2012

Four Verona High School seniors were recipients of Minette’s Angels Foundation scholarships earlier this summer. Maggie Dougherty, Dayna DellaValle (both pictured), Molly Cummings and Nic Hennig each received $750.

The Minette Grosso McKenna Angel Foundation was founded in 2004, a year after Minette Grosso McKenna passed away from breast cancer. Her courage, strength, and determination during her 10-year battle inspired many and was the inspiration for our Foundation. The Foundation, through its board of trustees and volunteers, works tirelessly to carry on Minette’s legacy. She constantly helped those in need, and offered assistance and support to other cancer patients throughout her battle. She was involved in many breast cancer organizations helping to raise much needed funding for research, education, screening, and treatment.

The Minette Grosso McKenna Angel Foundation changed its name to Minette’s Angels in 2011. The mission, to keep the spirit of Minette alive by supporting breast cancer patients and survivors, remains the same. We continue to offer scholarships to Verona students entering a field where they will be helping others. We provide assistance throughout the Essex County area to those in treatment and promote breast health awareness, which is vital to saving lives.

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