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By on March 9, 2012

Last week I took a trip to the library with two of my three kids and we left with quite the stack of books. I’ve depleted my own in-home library of favorite books to use for Susanna Hill’s weekly Perfect Picture Books series and was in need of some new material. Additionally, my four year old had his eye on a board book from a previous visit and we were on a mission to get that book back.

Cheryl Ashley, the children’s librarian, met me with a level of enthusiasm that I have only seen a few times before when she told me about some of her favorite picture books. We’ve read through most of them, my four year old and I, and there are definitely some new favorites. For example, in The Sniffles for Bear, we read a story of a bear with a cold who is convinced these are his last days. His melodramatic responses to his friend, Mouse, are very funny and definitely sound like phrases I have heard before. The art in this story is beautiful and soft and portrays Bear’s mood perfectly. Thank you Cheryl for the recommendation.

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In addition to Ms. Ashley’s recommendation, Susanna Hill is highlighting Neville, a story about a boy who moves and journey to make new friends. This week the book I chose for Perfect Picture Book Friday is The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man, a story that was an instant favorite when we found it at Watchung Booksellers.


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