State Warns Of Hurricane Scams

By on September 3, 2011

It seems the damage done by Hurricane Irene isn’t just limited to wind and water. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs has sent out a warning about home repair and charity scams that are trying to capitalize on the storm. The Division wants you to remember to call it before you hire a contractor for repairs to make sure the person is licensed and has not been the subject of complaints. Make sure the contractor is insured, and never pay the full price of the job up front. You can also call the DCA to make sure a charity is properly registered (asking for a charity’s audited¬† financial statement also works wonders to weed out fraud).

The DCA reminds residents that New Jersey’s price gouging law makes it illegal to raise prices more than 10% during a state of emergency or for 30 days after it is lifted. New Jersey declared a state of emergency over Hurricane Irene on August 25.

You can call the DCA at 800-242-5846 or check its Web site.

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