Be Smarter Than Your Kids About Technology

By on April 12, 2011

Our parents had it easy. They didn’t have to stay on top of endlessly changing computer and cell phone technology just to stay one step ahead of us.

Andor Kish, the tech teacher at H.B. Whitehorne Middle School, knows the pain of today’s parents. So he’s holding a “Tech Talk” on Tuesday, April 26 at 7 p.m. to tell us everything we need to know about the technology that our kids use daily. That includes Facebook and other social networks, i Pods, iPhones and other mobile devices. He’s promising to talk about some of the ways that our kids may be using tricks to circumvent something that we have blocked, like text messaging. He’s also going to look at privacy on Facebook and how to control the privacy settings, as well as cyberbullying.

The talk is free, but if you’d like to attend, please e-mail Kish at school.

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