Where In Verona Is It? Frank Anthony’s!

By on February 1, 2011

Frank Anthony’s has been in its new home at the corner of Bloomfield and South Prospect avenues for a little over a year. Not a lot of time, but long enough for one very alert 7th grader to have memorized its decor, which is a lot nicer than that of the dumpy auto shop that once occupied the spot.

Megan McKeown posted the first guess on this week’s Where In Verona contest yesterday morning, and it was right on the mark: The booth at Frank Anthony’s. “I love to get the pizza at Frank Anthony’s with my friends!,” she e-mailed us. “My mom is a photographer and I am used to seeing macro pictures of objects/close ups. That is how I knew it was the booth.” We’re guessing that yesterday’s photo was a topic of discussion over breakfast at the McKeown household because Megan also noted in her e-mail that her mom thought Fred Goode’s photo was a honeycomb, a statement she punctuated with a text message smiley — : ) — for ironic emphasis.

Frank Anthony’s owner, Anthony Tortoriello, has a habit of naming menu items for friends and family. There’s a eggplant, zucchini and mozzarella sandwich called “Villani”, for example, after brother-in-law and Verona chiropractor Jason Villani. Might we suggest adding a “Megan” to the menu?

Here’s the full slide show. See if you would have figured it out from the other clues.

Week 28 Photo 1

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