Where In Verona Is It? Charles Bahr & Son

By on January 11, 2011

It was a lucky guess backed by a lot of Verona history. That, ladies and gentlemen (and children of all ages) was how Beth Shorten decided that the winning answer to this week’s contest was Charles Bahr & Son.

“My family and Bahr go way back,” says Shorten. “I’ve been told that my grandfather, Clinton Kilbury, was one of the first customers of Charles Bahr back when they delivered coal in the 1920s.  And ever since then my family has been using their services.”

The Charles Bahr in the business’ name is actually the great-great-grandfather of the present owner, John Bahr. “I’m the fourth generation,” he says, and we now have a wide range of home improvement products, lumber and fuel oil.” Told the name of the winner, he responds, “Yup, she’s a fuel oil customer of ours.”

That the Shortens are. Beth says Bahr installed a new boiler in her house this past spring. And she was probably aided in her guessing by three factors: 1) She had  just paid her monthly Bahr bill, 2) The cold has made her radiators bang, so she was just about to call Bahr to have them serviced and 3) The photo looked like a wooden rail, which got her thinking about decks. “After all, it is Bahr Lumber,” she added. And it probably didn’t hurt that she has followed the contest enough to know that Fred Goode hadn’t photographed that area of Verona yet. If you are keeping track of winners, Shorten is now tied with Kathleen Seubert at three hats apiece.

Here’s Fred’s full slide show for the week:

Week 25 Photo 1

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