Where In Verona Is It? The Library!

By on November 24, 2010

The CD player was a mystery on Monday, and we had lots of thoughts on where that lock in Tuesday’s photo might be, including the police station. Fred Goode, who takes all the pictures for this contest, doesn’t even tell me exactly where in a particular location all the shots were taken, so I was convinced the lock belonged to the CD cases in the library’s first floor lobby. If librarian Bill Trafton knew what Fred was up to, he didn’t breathe a word of it when we ran into him Monday at Hobcaw. (We hold our MyVeronaNJ business meetings at many locations around town; come and join us some time!)

But Olivia Symczak somehow knew better: She knew that Fred had actually taken the shot down in the basement of Verona’s central reading room where she had had girl scout meetings. The HBW fifth grader, who just made the first period high honor roll, becomes the youngest person to win our contest. So we’ll be bringing her one of our signature baseball caps today and, while you wait for next Monday’s contest, enjoy the rest of Fred’s photos–including that slightly disturbing shot of the duck.


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