Where In Verona: The Winner Of Week 1

By on July 28, 2010

To really know Verona, you apparently need a dog.

That was Joanne Arroyo’s secret to winning the first hat in our “Where In Verona” contest. On Monday, we showed you the photo on the left, which got Arroyo thinking. “To give credit where it’s due,” she says, “it was actually my husband who identified the pig. I had seen it but couldn’t remember where. He takes our dog for l-o-n-g walks all over Verona and recognized it.”

“It” is the pig on top of the weather vane that’s on top of a long-time Verona institution, Hillcrest Farms & Greenhouses.  Located at 377 Bloomfield Avenue at the corner of Park Avenue, it sells annuals, perennials, shrubs, flowers and, in this New Jersey growing season, corn and tomatoes. You might have guessed that if we had shown you the second of Fred Goode‘s photos, or certainly the final one below.

Arroyo came to Verona in 1977 and says “The decision to move here was one of the best ones we’ve made!
There are so many spots in town I love, and so many wonderful people–but my new favorite is the Hobcaw Cafe.”

So if you are in Hobcaw this summer and see a woman in a stylish black baseball cap, say hello. By the way, we got our stylish black baseball caps from C&J Trophies up near Everett Field. Just in case you thought they only did trophies.

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