• Real Estate For Memorial Day Weekend

    This weekend, Verona will remember the 44 men who gave their lives in service to their country. Weather permitting, the parade will kick off from Everett Field at 10 a.m. on Monday and head to the center...

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  • Big Bedroom Weekend In Verona Real Estate

    If you need a little extra space for sleeping, this might be the weekend to go house-hunting in Verona. Three of the new listings this weekend have four bedrooms and one has five. (The 6-bedroom listing is a...

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  • Real Estate Bubbles Over

    Last weekend, Verona real estate had a rainy Mother’s Day breather. This Saturday and Sunday, the market is getting back in gear, with starter condos and downsizing condos in the new listings, and five single-family homes. But...

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  • A Drizzle Of New Listings

    The rain looks like it might let up a bit this weekend, but it also looks as if the nearly month-long deluge of new listings and open houses in Verona real estate is easing too. There are...

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  • New Listing, Open House Bounty

    It’s real estate deja vu, almost: Another heavy weekend of open houses in Verona real estate, but this time most of them are new listings, too. With this much new to look at, we’ll let you start...

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  • Real Estate, Contemporary To Classic

    There is something for just about everyone in the new Verona real estate listings this weekend, from starter condos to mansions for the well-established, and more different styles of construction than you might expect in Verona, from...

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  • Real Estate For Big Families

    Most of Verona is filled with three-bedroom homes. With them, you get a bath and a half, maybe two bathrooms if someone has done a bit of remodeling. But there are some bigger properties in the world...

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  • Hoping For A Real Estate Thaw

    It should hit a balmy high of 41 degrees on Saturday and be an almost spring-like 46 degrees tomorrow. Those temperatures are above freezing and it looks as if they might be melting the winter freeze on...

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  • Real Estate Thaws Out, Opens Up

    It was pretty impossible to get anywhere in Verona last weekend–unless you were on cross-country skis or a sled. So it’s probably not surprising that with warmer temperatures this weekend, many of last weekend’s open houses are...

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  • Powerball Real Estate

    No, nobody from Verona won the big won last week, but that won’t stop anybody from dreaming, particularly when it comes to real estate.  Maybe your real estate dream is simply a starter home, and we’ve got...

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