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The writers, editors and photographers of MyVeronaNJ.com are a part of Verona, just like you. We live here, we work here, we play here, we shop here. We send our kids to Verona schools and we volunteer for many of the same activities you do. The company we have created is based here, not somewhere else in New Jersey or across the country.

Virginia Citrano

Virginia Citrano

Editor-in-Chief Virginia Citrano‘s extended family has lived in Verona since 1930. Virginia grew up in town, then moved away for college and journalism jobs at The Wall Street Journal‘s European edition and Institutional Investor. She began working on Web sites in 1995 at Crain’s New York Business and was named senior news editor at Forbes.com in 2001. Back in Verona since 2003, she contributes to a variety of publications and Web sites, including USAirways‘ inflight magazine, and consults on social media. In Verona, she has served on the board of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit and has run an after-school program on the environment for elementary school children. She is currently a members of the Verona Environmental Commission and the board of the H.B. Whitehorne SCA. You can reach Virginia at [email protected].

Tracy Bermeo

Writer Tracy Bermeo is a mother of three who has lived in Verona for more than nine years. “I’ve built a life, made new friends and loved every moment of it,” Tracy says. “I look forward to skating on the lake in the winter and following my kids down the slide at the pool in the summer. On a perpetual quest for balance, I grow my own herbs and never leave home without my cell phone.” For more about Tracy, see her blog, or reach her at [email protected].

Many, many more Veronans have written or taken pictures and videos for MyVeronaNJ, and the list of contributors grows daily: Filip Babalievsky, Rachel Blinder, Danielle Boone, Scott Chesney, Alex Eliasof, David Gautieri, Dominique Marino, Ella Yarmo-Gray and Dan Robinson are just some of the names  With them and you, we are building a news Web site by the community and for the community.


Linette Mathewson

Ad Sales Director Linette Mathewson has lived in Verona for 10 years and keeps busy with her two girls saying, “My girls’ fervor for life never ceases to amaze me!” Originally from a small town in upstate New York, Linette appreciates a close-knit community and understands the importance of supporting local events and businesses. With 20 years experience in educational publishing, joining the MyVeronaNJ team is a perfect way to stay linked to her roots and help local businesses thrive and prosper through advertising on MyVeronaNJ.com. Reach her at [email protected].


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Other Stuff

In keeping with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines on endorsements and testimonials, MyVeronaNJ.com mandates that neither its staff nor its freelancers receive cash or in-kind compensation for their work from companies they are writing about. In plain English, this means that we pay for our own meals when we review a restaurant and buy our own ingredients when we cook.

MyVeronaNJ.com will correct all reporting errors promptly. All published stories are archived on the site. We do not delete stories once published and we are powerless to change the indexing of search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

We owe our fabulous logo–and a huge debt of gratitude–to Amelia Fabian and Tony Vecchione at Big Yellow Taxi. Verona resident Julia Martin Langan was a co-founder of MyVeronaNJ.com.

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