Swim Team Coming to Verona High School

By on August 16, 2017

As the 2016-17 school year came to a close, the Verona Board of Education approved a swim team for Verona High School. In previous years, VHS swimming was recognized only at the county meet with individual swimmers who qualified to participate earlier in the season through their club teams. The newly approved swim team will be a traditional high school team in that there will be daily practices, dual meets and a co-ed team, similar to the VHS track teams.

As with many other sports at VHS, especially new ones, the Verona High School swim team will be pay-to-play and fully funded by the families participating. Similar to hockey, the expenses for this team will include facility rental time for practices and meets, officiating fees, and a coach’s stipend. While the exact cost for each swimmer is still to be determined, the goal, through fundraising, is to keep it at $500 or below. For the students who have swum in summer leagues, especially the Verona Waves or club teams, this incredible opportunity for a traditional high school swim team is more than just another winter sport. It’s an opportunity to participate in a sport about which they are passionate and build camaraderie and community with fellow high school students.

To kick off the introduction of this new sport, the Verona High School Swim Team Parents Association is hosting what they anticipate will be the first annual Swim Fest at the Verona Community Pool. This free awareness raising event will be held on Tuesday, August 22, from 6 to 8 p.m. The 2017 Swim Fest will include games, pool races, land races, contests, music and of course apparel for purchase. Anyone who has ever splashed in a pool, jumped off a diving board, or taken a ride down the waterslide is encouraged and welcome to attend. If you can’t make the event, but want to know more, send an email to: [email protected]

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