Bornstein Honored For VMAC Service

By on July 20, 2017

Bornstein VMAC

Rosanne Bornstein listens as Mayor Kevin Ryan reads the certificate of appreciation issued by the town for her more than 20 years of service on the Verona Municipal Alliance Committee (VMAC).

At Wednesday night’s outdoor concert, Mayor Kevin Ryan and Deputy Mayor Michael Nochimson presented Rosanne Bornstein with a certificate of appreciation for her work as one of Verona’s leading volunteers.

For more than two decades Bornstein has been the coordinator of the Verona Municipal Alliance Committee. VMAC’s mission is to provide all Verona residents with information on alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention, as well as healthy lifestyle choices. Under Bornstein’s leadership, VMAC introduced “Family Night”, two evenings during the school year when meetings, athletics, activities and homework are suspended–no mean feat in over-scheduled Verona–so that families can spend time together. She helped to bring a wide range of leadership development programs and drug- and alcohol-awareness programs to Verona schools, including the “Aware Awake Alive” program that teaches Verona High School students to recognize the signs of alcohol poisoning and to understand what they can do to call for help under New Jersey’s 911 Lifeline Law. Bornstein also championed the “Safe Homes” drive, in which parents and guardians pledge to not allow underage alcohol and drug use in their homes and on their property, securely store firearms and toxic chemicals, and monitor computer use.

While Bornstein is stepping down from leading VMAC, she does intend to remain a volunteer member of the committee.Bornstein VMAC

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