Wye Not: Christie At The Beach

By on July 3, 2017

Being governor of the great state of New Jersey is no day at the beach–until, of course, it is a day at the beach when most of the beaches are closed by a budget impasse in Trenton. That is what happened this week in the Garden State, but Gov. Chris Christie still got to hang out on one. (If you really want to know how things went wrong, we suggest you read our independent news buddies at NJSpotlight.com.)

It was the perfect moment for Verona artist Pam Wye to put down the sunscreen and take out paper and pencils. Since the presidential election last November, she’s juggled a teaching job, family responsibilities and political activism while developing in sideline in editorial cartoons. Wye, who has a bachelor of fine arts from Syracuse University and an MFA from Vermont College, has found a new voice in these cartoons, part of a series that we are calling “Wye Not”:
Pam Wye Christie

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