Bear Spotted On Crestmont

By on May 28, 2017

The Verona Police Department sent out a Nixle alert this morning that a black bear has been seen on Crestmont Road in the area of Claremont Avenue.

The eastern ridge of Verona has been a favorite bear wandering area in recent years, both around Kip’s Castle and south of Bloomfield Avenue in the Afterglow neighborhood and near Eagle Rock Reservation. Four years ago, a cub took a nap in a tree on Afterglow Avenue after foraging at what was then the Subway sandwich shop on Bloomfield Avenue.

Bears have become more prevalent in New Jersey in the last decade, and there have been others that have wandered down from the Highlands into Essex County. The state Division of Fish and Wildlife advises that bears who are just being bears–wandering and foraging but not bothering humans, animals or property–should just be allowed to wander.

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The Verona Police shared a link to bear safety tips from the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife. Among the common sense measures are a reminder to never feed or approach a bear, and to stay calm if you happen to run into one. It might also be a good idea to sing or make some noise if you are walking or biking around Kip’s or Eagle Rock, as that can scare a bear away.

If you do not already get the Verona Police Department’s Nixle alerts, you can sign up here.

UPDATE: This photo was taken in a Hamilton Road backyard on Sunday night.Bear Hamilton Road

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