VMAC Aims Drug Education At Student Athletes

By on May 18, 2017

The Verona Municipal Alliance Committee (VMAC) has released a brochure to help parents of student athletes to talk to their children about the negative impacts of drug and alcohol use and abuse.

The brochure notes that alcohol reduces performance potential by up to 11.4% in elite athletes and perhaps by as much as 15-30% in high school athletes.

Nearly 15% of all United States high school students have misused prescription controlled substance drugs, often as a result of being treated for a sports injury. VMAC’s brochure says that, if your child gets injured, your should monitor his or her use of prescription medication, and secure the medication in order to prevent abuse or misuse. 

VMAC has given copies of its brochure to coaches and sports groups in town. You can download the brochure here.

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