Letter: Ford Has Skills, Vision

By on May 5, 2017

To the Editor,

I’ll be voting for Carrie Ford for Verona Town Council. She is precisely the person our town needs to remain an open-hearted, family-friendly, and safe place to live. She also has the skills and vision to help lead Verona through these politically uncertain times and into the future.

My wife and I moved our family from Brooklyn to Verona almost two years ago because we had found a place where our two children—our nine-year-old son and our six-year-old daughter—would have the space they need to thrive and grow and learn. Our son has severe special needs—he is wheelchair bound and requires constant care and a special school. Our daughter is a wildly energetic, typically developing kid who attends the Forest Avenue school. My wife and I are writers, editors, and teachers. Our family is, perhaps, a little unusual—but only a little. We’ve found Verona to be full of kind, caring, friendly people who are as welcoming and open to my son as to my daughter, who smile when we walk through the park, and who are helpful and courteous when we eat and shop at local businesses.

Carrie exemplifies the best people we’ve met in Verona—she is deeply sensitive to the needs of all kinds of families. She is kind, courteous, and a good listener—I’ve felt deeply understood by her when I’ve explained to her some of the things my family has been through. Carrie, who has young children’ herself, intuitively understands Verona parents’ concerns over public safely. Several times in the last few months, my wife and I have shuddered at the news of Verona residents being struck and killed by cars. The fact that we live within walking distance to the park is a lifeline to my family—especially to my son. But we do fear the cars racing down our hill, and crossing Lakeside makes me authentically anxious. I’ll rest easier knowing Carrie is working with the rest of the Town Council to improve pedestrian and driver safely.

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Relatedly, Carrie works as a lawyer and corporate negotiator. She has the right skills to effectively communicate views and broker compromises within the collaboratively-run Town Council.

Finally, put simply, I want a woman to serve on the Town Council. My reason is a simple and selfish one: I have a young daughter, and I want her to see a woman our family likes and trusts in a leadership role. I want her to see proof—here, close to home—that that’s possible.

Carrie Ford exemplifies the best of Verona and is committed to making it better. She wants what I want—a safe, friendly, town with a government that represents all of us. I will be proud to vote for her on May 9th.

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Craig Teicher, Verona Resident

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