Town Council Candidates: Unnecessary Regulation

By on March 21, 2017
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EmergencyHornSix candidates are running for three seats in the May 9 Town Council election. To help voters meet the candidates and learn about their views, will be holding a candidates forum on Wednesday, April 26, and asking every candidate to respond to a weekly question about the issues facing Verona.

Their answers to the first question were published on March 14.  On Saturday, March 18, sent the candidates question two, which they had to respond to by noon today. Candidates’ responses are listed in the order in which they were received, and did not edit the answers in any way, including grammar, spelling or length. 

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Mayor Kevin Ryan is running for re-election. The other candidates are Donna Cannizzaro, Carrie Ford, Edward “Ted” Giblin, Jack McEvoy and Christopher Piccuirro.  (Councilmen Jay Sniatkowski and Bob Manley are not seeking reelection). Clicking on each name will take you to the page in this story with their answer; you can also click on the arrows to advance through.

Question 2: Name one Verona ordinance or regulation that should be eliminated and why.

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