Forest Avenue Holds Anti-Bullying Assembly

By on October 5, 2016

forest-bullying1As a requirement of the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying legislation, schools across New Jersey are celebrating the “Week of Respect” from October 3 – October 7, 2016. The intention of this week is “to recognize the importance of character education….by providing age appropriate instruction focusing on the prevention of harassment, intimidation and bullying”.

The Forest Ave Elementary School SCA sponsored an anti-bullying assembly on Tuesday, October 4 titled “Though Another’s Eyes.” The presenter is Snakes-N-Scales. Their anti-bullying school assemblies look at the subject using animals that are often misunderstood and feared, like snakes, spiders and alligators. They try to have children see through their eyes at themselves and learn to understand that the point of view of a person, or an animal, is important to understanding. Since bullying often arises from dislike and dislike comes from misunderstanding and fear, if understanding is created and fear eliminated then much of the bullying will not occur.

Erin Mellini with a black and white Tegu.

Erin Mellini with a black and white Tegu.

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