It’s Never Too Late To Be Kind

By on September 3, 2016

KindnessHeartsKindness has no time table. It is NEVER too late to be kind to someone. It is never too late to apologize. It is never too late to change.

Think about Ebenezer Scrooge for a minute, perhaps one of the best known characters in literature. He was a horrible man and then he changed. We know the story. We know by becoming kind he made life better for the Cratchit family, but he also made life better for himself.

Or think of Saul of Tarsus, who became the Paul the Apostle (or Saint Paul if you like.) Once a persecutor, he became a healer.

Kindness costs nothing, but has rewards that are beyond worth.

Kindness requires thought. Crass words or criticism are easy to throw out. Kindness has meaning and merit. Words of compassion can carry someone through a life time. Words of scorn and derision can cut and cause wounds that can scar for life. Don’t think that’s true? I can remember the taunts of one particular boy when I was a child in elementary school. It pains me to say how many decades it has been since then, and yet I can still recall his unkind words and I know if I ever ran into this individual again, I would do everything in my power to avoid him. On the other hand, ten or so years ago I was approached at a reunion by a classmate who apologized for his behavior when he was a student. To be honest, I didn’t recall him being all that mean (although I would have considered him to be somewhat of a jerk). But his words stayed with me too. Although I haven’t seen him since and may never see him again, I will remember him for his kindness and thoughtfulness. And, in my eyes, and act of bravery and courage for admitting his wrongdoing.

KindnessQuoteKindness is not easy. Being mean is simple. We are all mean and thoughtless at some point in our lives. Why? Because it is easy. It sometimes requires not going along with the crowd, but standing alone. Words of kindness show character and a willingness to stand up for what you believe to be right. Kindness is doing the right thing.

No one is ever kind all of the time. As human beings, it is just not possible. Even the gentlest of souls will blurt out uncaring words at some time. But there is no time limit on an apology.To apologize for an unkindness does not mean that one will be forgiven, but it can be the measure of change.

We all have the choice to be kind. We can act in a kind manner. We can teach our children to act in the same way, not by words, but by actions. The world is full of unkindness. We see it all too often. Is that what we really want to be? Is that who we really are?

Teach compassion. Act with care. Show kindness. We can be a better community; better people and a better world if we did these things.

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One Comment

  1. Mary Campana

    September 3, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    Well done, Beth. Your advice is on point; and your timing — impeccable.

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