Volunteers Weed, Water New Peckman Plantings

By on July 24, 2014

Peckman-PatPaluszekThe Verona Environmental Commission is giving a shout-out to several volunteers who helped weed and water the new planting along the Peckman River trails behind F.N. Brown.

On Wednesday, Verona High School students Brad Smith and Patrick Paluszek, as well as 80-year-old Susana Anzola, James Aiello from the Board of Education’s maintenance staff and F.N. Brown school custodian Louis Cerretta worked on the trail, which was the object of a VEC restoration project this spring.

VEC president Gloria Machnowski says the volunteers brought out the heavy generator from the school and used it to pump river water up to fill up the tree watering bags. The group also pulled out a large amount of the invasive plant Japanese Knotweed and cleaned up broken glass, bottles, cans and discarded boxes along the trails. “The recently planted trees and ferns look fantastic,” Machnowski says. “Thank you all!” Peckman-BradSmith

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