Letter: Vote No On DMH2 Development

By on June 25, 2014



June 24, 2014
To the Editor:

I am a concerned long time resident of the Brookdale section in Verona, NJ. My children went through the Verona schools from kindergarten. I have attended a number of meetings regarding the Application for Site Plan & related variances (DMH2, LLC), 176 and 200 Bloomfield Avenue, Block 8, Lots 1 & 23 and call upon all residents to attend this Planning meeting come Thursday, June 26. The meeting will be held at the Verona Community Center at 7:30 p.m.

The Verona Planning Board and the Verona residents need to know why I object to this building plan and do NOT want this application passed. These are only some of the many issues and reasons as follows:
* The application is not in keeping with established guidelines and laws.
* The applicant’s plans deviate from Verona’s updated zoning ordinance.
* The applicant’s plans violate rock crushing laws which is contrary and forbidden in Verona Zoning Code, and the applicant’s witness testified, that in fact, rock crushers are often brought on site.
* Everett Field is in very close proximity to the blasting site and the safety of our children and families is a MAJOR concern.
* Storm water management is in violation of Verona’s own consulting engineering firm and expert testimony, and against law and code.
* State and local storm water regulations are in violation.
* Deceptive and short sighted storm water plans will bring flooding and water contamination to our beautiful town.
* Storm water management needs to regard and plan for the future of Verona including the 75-100 year period discussed and additionally, the Planning Board’s failure to do so would ignore their mission and responsibility to advance safe planning for present and future generations.
* The blasting plans for the property in question will force constant utility shutdowns because the site is surrounded by live gas and electric mains.
* Utility shutdowns will negatively affect our schools and business operations.
* Rock blasting (Basalt dust damages lungs and is NOT curable) is hazardous to the health of the members of our society including those on this planning board and their families.
* Safety is a major concern! Not one property and/or family, or the schools’ safety for students and teachers from Brookdale Ave. and Laning Ave. should be sacrificed for the greed of monetary gain.
* Noise, dust, power cuts to the area will affect the operations in our neighboring schools and therefore, maybe the Verona Planning and Board of Education need to make provisions to put Brookdale and the Laning Avenue school children into our other schools so they are protected and able to benefit from a healthy environment and an equal education.
* During the projected blasting, the disruption in traffic will also affect the public transportation that many depend on to get to their jobs in NYC and elsewhere, and said public transportation is a vital lifeline of Verona and a draw for home buyers.
As a long time resident I think we would all want safe, wise, and conscientious planning and development to preserve the integrity of our town for now and for the future of our children and forthcoming generations.
I must reiterate that the Verona Planning Board must protect the health of our residents as well as the operation and long term care of our beautiful Verona town.

Please Vote NO! and stop this unlawful, abysmal situation.

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Thank you,
Linda Klein
Verona Resident and Homeowner

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