National Honor Society 2014

By on June 18, 2014

HonorSociety2014Thirty juniors and five seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society in a ceremony at Verona High School on Wednesday, June 4.

Students are chosen for the National Honor Society based character, scholarship, leadership and service. The inductees from the classes of 2014 and 2015 are below, followed by the name of the teacher or coach who sponsored their induction. The information on senior inductees also includes the college they have chosen to attend.


Julia Ashley: Gene Leporati, track & field coach

Yaryna Borsuk: Robert Maher, history

Niklas Bostrom: Jon-Eric Burgess, science

Mira Braneck: Marie Meyer, language arts

Jacquelyn Brozyna: Richard Wertz, math/comp sci

Madeline Burke: Janan Wehbeh, science

Caroline Chivily: Janan Wehbeh, science

Patrick Cummings: Richard Wertz, math/comp sci

Paige Ferrell: Thomas White, language arts

Christopher Feury: Christopher Tamburro, history

Amanda Flores: Ja-Pai “Betty” Hou, world language

Michaela Fogarty: Pamela Burke, business & technology

Emilia Frizzi: Ja-Pai “Betty” Hou, world language

Lia Golick: Helene McKelvey-McLaughlin, graphic design

Rachel Gumbrecht: Eugenie Mordkovich, world language

Morgan Janes: Richard Wertz, math/comp sci

Taylor Lavery: Thomas White, language arts

Cole McConnachie: Frances Young, language arts

What is this?

Kiera N. Murphy: Marie Meyer, language arts

Jessica Nagy: Janan Wehbeh, science

Nicola Perzichilli: Alyssa Calabrese, phys ed/health

Michele Mauriello Robson: Jessica Calvo, world language

Elizabeth Rysavy: Juliana Conlon, senior NHS member

Krojana Selimi: Christopher Tamburro, history

Danielle Silvia: Eugenie Mordkovich, world language

Julia Tole: Thomas White, language arts

Annamaria Vasmatzidis: Christopher Tamburro, history

Alysia Vega: Christopher Tamburro, history

Joseph Volpe: Danielle Mutovic, mathematics

Ella Yarmo-Gray: Marie Meyer, language arts


Matthew Rubins: Thomas White, language arts; University of Connecticut

Pinar Oguz: Jon-Eric Burgess, science; Arcadia University

Jordan Seubert: Jon-Eric Burgess, science; Arcadia University

Daniel Smillie: Robert Maher, history; Johns Hopkins University

Steven Wynen: Robert Maher, history; George Washington University

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