Gov. Christie And The Flappy Birds

By on February 11, 2014

Catherine Welsh tried to teach Gov. Chris Christie to play Flappy Birds.

Catherine Welsh tried to teach Gov. Chris Christie to play Flappy Birds.

File this under news you can’t make up: Suzanne Welsh was at the Twin Oaks Arena in Morristown on Sunday night to watch her son play hockey. The gentleman who sat down next to Welsh and her daughter Catherine was there to watch his son on the opposing team. His  name was Christie, as in Gov. Chris Christie.

Welsh and her daughter chatted with the governor throughout the game, and she even got him to make a birthday call to another Verona resident, Jodi Brown. And then Catherine Welsh decided to teach our state’s political leader how to play Flappy Birds on her phone.  It is one of those annoyingly addictive games that involves steering a tiny bird through an obstacle course (rather than flinging it through the air).

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“He tried and couldn’t,” Suzanne Welsh reports, and then handed Catherine back her phone. And what did the fourth grader say to Christie? “If you can govern a state, you can play Flappy Birds”. Luckily for Christie, this is unlikely to be an issue in his second term: At about the same time as the governor was learning to play it, the game’s developer was pulling it from the market because it was too addictive.

“He was truly generous with his time,” says Suzanne Welsh of the governor. “He graciously looked at Catherine and said to her ‘you are going places’! No matter one’s political affiliation, it was one for the memory books for my 10-year-old.”

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  1. Diana Aleynikov

    March 12, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    That is mostly true- but catherine is in my class. In 5 grade! Not in 4th!

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