Futerman Takes Adoption Story To ‘Good Morning America’

By on February 10, 2014
Samantha and Anais--or is it Anais and Samantha?

Samantha and Anais–or is it Anais and Samantha?

Verona’s Samantha Futerman is going to be on Good Morning America on Tuesday around 8:15 a.m., and if you’ve been following the unusual story of her adoption from South Korea, you’re going to want to tune in, or set the DVR.

A year ago, Futerman was contacted by a young French woman who not only looked exactly like her, but had been born in Korea on the same day, in the same city. Since last March, Futerman and Anais Bordier have been trying to determine whether they are twin sisters adopted into families on different sides of the planet.

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They have been working on a documentary, dubbed Twinsters, about their adoption journey and have been trying to raise $80,000 through  Kickstarter, an online fundraising site, to finish it. They’ve got to hit their goal by Wednesday, February 19, and as of tonight they are at $59,894. They sent out an email tonight saying that their efforts caught the eye of Good Morning America co-anchor Josh Elliott, and he called them in for an interview.

If you want to pledge to finish the movie, you can do so here. Your pledge can be as little as $2 and your credit card isn’t charged until they hit their fundraising goal.

UPDATED: Here’s the video of the GMA segment.

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