Senior Athlete Of The Week: Matt Braschi

By on January 1, 2014

AOW-Braschi2The world’s brightest scientific minds would have us believe that perpetual motion does not exist. It doesn’t make planets rotate or waves wave. Movement can’t go on indefinitely they say, because friction and other things get in the way. Maybe they should take a look at the way Matt Braschi plays basketball.

On the court, the point guard for the Verona High School Hillbillies appears to be in constant movement. His hands are guiding the ball or his teammates’ play. His feet are carrying him down the floor–or misdirecting his opponents as to where he is heading. Braschi is always moving on, physically and mentally, to the next play that will put the Hillbillies in charge and ahead. For his command of the basketball court, Matt Braschi is the Verona Sports Boosters Senior Athlete of the Week.

Braschi, a four-year varsity starter, certainly kept things moving during the holiday break tournament. When Verona’s opening game against West Essex stalled in a 38-point tie, Braschi broke it open and led his team to a 54-48 victory. He kept Cedar Grove off balance as Verona piled up a 40-21 win in the finals. The play earned Braschi tournament MVP honors this year, something he earned last year as well, when his play was also recognized with an all-Conference nod.

During the 2013-2014 school year, the Verona Sports Boosters recognizes a different senior athlete at Verona High School every week. The Boosters support male and female athletes in all VHS sports through a variety of fundraisers and recognition events.

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