High Honor Roll: Grade 5, First Marking Period 2013-2014

By on December 23, 2013

Honor Roll CertificateYvette McNeal, Principal of H.B. Whitehorne Middle School is proud to announce the names of those students who have earned academic recognition during the first marking period of this school year 2013-2014.

These students have qualified for the high honors award by receiving an “A” in every school subject.

Anna Barile,

Jaelyn Barkley,

Ethan Beninghof,

Kristen Brown,

Nia Chesney,

Matthew Day,

RioMarie Gagnon,

Lia Gardner,

Katherine Hensal,

Paige Hensal,

Katherine Hipp,

Audrey Hoffman,

Peter Hoogterp,

Andrew Hunt,

Kara Johansen,

Luke Lambert,

Robert Leland,

Kyle McCaffrey,

Thomas Monroe,

Melanie Naeris,

Benjamin Niesmertelny,

Kelly Nulty,

Emma Ramsthaler,

Emma Rice,

Kathryn Romanyshyn,

Mariam Sabet,

Evan Silvia,

Taylor Spinelli,

Trevor Spinelli,

Karina Squilanti,

Savannah Szamborski,

Veronica Valera,

Sophia Villani,

Mary Wallace,

Graham Weber,

Drew Weisser,

Griffin Willner,

Emily Wynne,

Alison Zanders,

Quinn Zebrowski,

The names of some students who qualified for the High Honor Roll do not appear on this list because their parents have elected not to release personal information to the media.

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